We specialise Industrial 
degreasers and Solvents

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality Industrial cleaning  products that are friendly to the  environment and to the
people that use them.

Industrial degreasers & Solvents

The HUMOTOR's Concept. A range of products that are powerfull Solvants and degreasers which are Biodegradable, non-toxic & non-flammable

Products for the treatment of glues, plastics and polyurethanes

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Products for the degreasing  and polishing, an additive used in Tribofinishing


Degreasing products for the food industry


Cosmetic Soaps
with Essential Oils:

HuGel is natural plant based liquid soap with added medical essential oils, Hand made in Belgium. A powerful protective and caring liquid wash that nourishes and cares for your skin.

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Hutrade was founded in 1953 and specialised. in unique cleaning products for industrial applications which have minimum impact on the environment and the user. We notably supply products in industry throughout Europe, to clean both cured and uncured PU materials from surfaces and production tank, polisher in the metal cutting industry, glue remover in cardboard and other industry that rely heavily in the usage of glue and much more. We have designed green solutions for many industries over the years and our knowledge in usage of surfactant to clean particular component is vast.

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Environmentally friendly products

68 years of trusted expertise.

High yield, low risk products

High quality product at a fair price

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