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We pride ourselves on supplying high end quality products that have a low impact on the environment and the people that use them.

Over 50 years experience  

My grandfather started making soap in 1957 in Brussels and it has been since then a family affair.

My father joined the family business as chemist and environmentalist who has always believed in the power of plant based essential oils. He specialised in making soap and cream to help us with very dry and itchy skin and he came up with HuGel soap.

Then in the 70's he realised he could apply the cleaning power plants to industrial appliactions he developed a range of powerful cleaning products for industry with out compromising his enviromental ethos this family of degreasers and solvants transforms water into a powerful cleaning agents design to remove grease and thick grime. without a negative impact on our environment.

Environmentally friendly products

we specialise in designing environmentally friendly solutions. Respecting the individual & the environment has always been paramount in all our concepts.

HuGel ® Natural Vegan Liquid Soap with Essential Oils:

HuGel is natural plant based liquid soap with added medical essential oils, Hand made in Belgium. A powerful protective and caring liquid wash that nourishes and cares for your skin.

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