Biodegradable, non-toxic & non-flammable Solvent & Powerful Degreaser 

The HUMOTOR's Concept

Family of emulsifying solvents. The Humotors are highly concentrated & extremely powerful for safe & ecological industrial cleaning. 

Humotor transforms water into a powerful solvent to desolve resins, grease and thick grime. Most degreasing and desolving techniques used in industry have a negative impact on our environment resulting in increased pollution of our rivers and soil. Humotor is a safe solution to do all those stubborn jobs safely .

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Products for the treatment of glues,plastic & Polyurethanes

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Products for the desgreasing  & polishing an additive used in Tribofinishing


Degreasing products for the food industry


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Products for the treatment of glues,plastic & Polyurethanes 


A red oily liquid, it has specific wettability and detergency properties. HUMOTOR eliminates carbon buildup in screw and barrel assemblies, as well as on die sets. Humotor improves processing efficiency, scrap rates, die life, and equipment maintenance.

Applications :
  • Applications :
  • Dispersion of dyes and pigments; mineral fillers in fatty solutions.
  • Master Batch purging compound
  • Used to remove dyes used in production processes.
  • No VOC , Boron- and formaldehyde-free

Emulsifying solvent & dispersant. Its solvent properties are effective on resins and other adhesive materials. The dispersing properties help unbind resins and glues.


  • Cleaning of glue rollers and glue injection guns.
  • Removal of polyurethane, acrylic glue,
    floor foam and expanding foam.
  • Can be used as a replacement for
  • No VOC and non-corrosive
  • No Borax, no Soda or Potash

HUMOTOR YELLOW allows you to effortlessly
remove glue or foam residues after removing
carpet, vinyl or linoleum, neoprene, double-sided tape, polyurethane, vinyl, etc. It is a stripper that works on a wide variety of glues on concrete, glass, metal, stone, tiles, terracotta, rubber and plastic. HUMOTOR YELLOW does not have the disadvantages of conventional alkaline strippers: it is non-corrosive, without soda and without potash.

  • Ultra efficient
  • 90% Biodegradable.
  • Safe to the environment
  • No VOC and non corrosif

Products for the 
degreasing, and polishing 
Additives used in Tribofinishing

for Copper & Brass

CUBRIL is a burnishing compound designed to degrease and polish copper and its alloys. It quickly removes grease, oil, lubricants and dirt from surfaces left after production.
Slightly acidic, CUBRIL removes all soils resulting from production and will make it look new and shiny.

CUBRIL works perfectly in a vibration cleaning tank. It will promote the shine and longevity of the parts.


Powerful multifunctional ecological degreaser. Very efficient on grease that has been polymerised by heat. Formula designed in the "green" spirit, HUGENOL is characterised by unparalleled degreasing . Totally safe, its components have been selected for
their harmlessness to both the human and the environment. Excellent cleaner of aluminum and galvanized material, it has no corrosive action even during prolonged soaking. HUGENOL RF works perfectly in a vibratory cleaning tank which promotes shine and longevity of parts.

for Steel & Stainless Steel with an anticorrosion

Highly concentrated industrial degreaser with an anti-corrosion) used in the tribofinishing process.


  • Maintenance of steel or uncoated cast iron on machines.
  • Degreasing of parts in the tribofinishing. Cleans and provides a corrosion preventative in one operation.
  • Multifunctional application for reduced inventory
  • No VOC formulation
Resin & Poly-urethane surface polishing

Polishing cream specifically created for the polishing of billiard, snooker and pool balls. BALL CLEANER is perfect for finishing or restoring resinous surfaces, thanks to its very light abrasive texture. It can be used by hand or with an orbital polisher to make resin creations extremely shiny. The formula gently shears the gelcoat, removing light to medium scratches and imperfections even on dark coloured gelcoats..

Degreasing products for the food industry

Environmentally Friendly, Powerful multifunctional Degreaser

Hugenol is extremely efficient on all kinds of grease & fat. Its components are harmless to the environment.
Fifteen percent of Hugenol in hot water will make a powerful solvent with the ability to dissolve carbonised deposits on heavily soiled cooking utensils. Excellent cleaner for all metals including aluminum and galvanized materials. Being non corrosive, it is safe for prolonged soaking . 

  • Ideal for aluminum baking trays and tools, it maintains, restores and prolongs their life.
  • Cleaning filters of hoods, oven, wall, work surface
  • No need to use PPE with Hugenol
  • Due to its efficiency and safety it should be an essential product for any company in the
Alkaline Degreaser for oven, grill, fryer, barbecue cleaner

CLEANER A5 is a powerful cleaner for the periodic maintenance of surfaces soiled by heavy grease deposits in the kitchen. It is perfect for roasters, barbecues and fireplace inserts. It loosens and dissolves cooked fats and breaks up carbonized deposits of heavily soiled cooking materials:grills and ovens (except mini-ovens, pyrolytic+ or catalytic ovens, microwave, combi ovens). 

  • Cleaner A5 should be use with PPE 
  • Cleaner A5 is corrosif and should be use with care. 
  • Highly alkaline, CLEANER A5 is very concentrated and not suitable to use stainless steel and aluminium.

Cosmetic Soaps
with Essential Oils:

HuGel is natural plant based liquid soap with added medical essential oils, Hand made in Belgium. A powerful protective and caring liquid wash that nourishes and cares for your skin.

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